Project Impact

The regeneration activity is making a positive contribution to the national ‘Cleaner Safer Greener Communities’ initiative, and the Bradford Metropolitan District Council Community Strategy (2006-2009), specifically by helping to:

“The Heaton Graveyard Project has attracted a great deal of goodwill and interest in Heaton, not least because it tackles the long standing problem of overgrown gravestones and damage caused by vegetation…And the graveyard is now regaining its former glory as an attractive and quiet spot in Heaton which has deep and important memories for many local people who have relatives and friends buried there” David Ford, Councillor, Heaton Ward.

The site offers open access to the general public, and already it is being used almost as parkland where the local community are enjoying the peace and quiet and the flora and fauna. Visitors from all over the country, even some from abroad, are also coming to see the results of the work to date and make connections with relatives buried there.


Sit and enjoy the peace and quiet

Miniature firs planted cenrally in a pathway


Preserving Heritage - Protecting Wildlife - Involving Communities

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